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If you want to make a video to make it more attractive, editing is necessary. The best application for editing videos is Alight Motion Pro APK.

Making videos is required to be as attractive as possible, so that the results of the video are liked by other people, especially Youtube creators.

The Alight Motion Pro application offers several features that can make your videos more lively and colorful.

To use this application you also don’t need a laptop or PC, you can use it only on the smartphone you have.

For more details about this application and what features are available, you can see the reviews below.

Alight Motion Pro

Along with advances in technology, daily activities can be done easily. None other than the development of photography technology.

To edit a video to be more interesting, a laptop / PC is needed. However, currently you can do this through an application on a smartphone.

The application is Alight Motion Pro, using this application you can add animation effects, audio, text, stickers and GIFs.

Not only that, you can give a visual effect to the video that you are editing so that the color lightening in the video is more natural and colorful.

However, if you use the free version, the results of the video editing that you make have a watermark. Of course this really disturbs your video.

If you want to get rid of the watermark, you have to upgrade to the premium version. However, the price given to buy the Pro version is very expensive.

It is true, although the price for subscribing to the premium version is comparable to the features of Alight Motion.

But what if the misqueen wants to get this premium version? Alternatively, you can download the Alight Motion Pro version.

The application is a modified version that is commonly called the Mod APK, take it easy because this version is no different from the premium version.

To find out what features and functions the Pro version has, let’s look at the reviews below.

Alight Motion Pro Application Features

This application is widely used by Youtube creators and others because the features it has are very diverse, here are the features of the Alight Motion Pro APK application:

Without a Watermark

It is very clear, the existence of a watermark on the edited video can make the video that is made less attractive and very disturbing.

By using this Pro version, you can remove watermarks that interfere with your videos.

However, you can also put a watermark if necessary so that you can prove that the video you made is copyrighted and not stolen by other people.

No Ads

Almost all applications and games that we use often display annoying advertisements.

Because the ad is actually to get additional income for the application and game developers.

However, if you use the Pro version that we provide, all the ads that appear will be blocked automatically.

So, you don’t need to worry anymore when using the Alight Motion Pro application, advertisements appear that can disturb your concentration.

There are many visual effects

So that the videos you make are more colorful and natural, you need to add visual effects to the video.

The effects that you can give to videos are very diverse, such as light colors, blur effects, adding text and animated images.

There are many visual effects that you can choose from in this application according to your wishes. This visual effect is also always updated every month.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is a feature that can change the transition in a video to be more static and visible.

More than that, you can give a frame to the video and give motion animation to make it more interesting.

This feature is indeed quite complicated to use if you are a beginner in video editing. But you can ask your friends for help who already understand about Keyframe animation.

Can Choose Favorite Font Type

Adding text in the video can make your video more interesting, by using the Alight Motion Pro Mod APK you can provide text in the video with various font choices.

There are many types of fonts that you can use in this application. It’s also very easy to add text to the video, by pressing the (+) button in the lower right corner then selecting text.

View All Fonts where a list of available fonts can be used immediately, while Import Fonts if the font you want is not available in the list.

With this font feature, you can provide a description or message in the video.

Can Export Files With Various Formats

To export the videos that you have created, you can use various formats. The formats provided are very diverse, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, MP4 and others.

Custom Aspect Ratio

The resolution in a video is something that must be applied, if you make a video with low video quality, of course the one who sees the video is very boring.

By increasing the video resolution, it can make videos more lifelike or more lifelike. The way to improve it is by changing the aspect ratio of the video.

There are many choices of aspect ratios that you can use, for example 1: 1 and 9:16. If you think it’s still not suitable, you can customize the video aspect ratio.

Add Audio

This is an important thing in video editing, adding an audio in the video certainly makes your video cooler than videos that have no sound.

With this application you can add audio effects as backsong in the video.

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