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Free Fire is a game that is very popular in the world with the highest number of players in the Battle Royale game category, so many pro players share their video content on Youtube. But unexpectedly, one of the famous YouTubers from Thailand, Ruok FF, was even accused of using an auto headshot cheat.

Because the skills possessed by Ruok are very great compared to other Free Fire pro players, many think that Ruok uses the FF cheat application.

Even though it’s true or not that Ruok uses a cheat, several other Free Fire players are very interested in the FF cheat application it uses.

From the analysis of several Youtuber sources from Indonesia that Ruok actually used the FF cheat. If you want to use the application, take it easy because we have provided an original and active link.

What is the Ruok FF Cheat Application?

A Youtuber gamer from Thailand named Ruok is viral in the Free Fire game, lots of people talk about it because his game is very skilled at doing headshots.

Many are amazed at his game because he always shoots right in the head and gets so much damage that the enemy who meets him is immediately killed with just one shot.

But rumors circulated that Ruok used a cheat when playing the FF game. Even though this news was denied by him, now there are many who provide the Ruok Free Fire cheat application.

This application is actually just a nickname of the application itself, and many have used it and used it successfully.

The function of this cheat can help FF players find it easier to find all enemy opponents who are hiding and can shoot right at the head or so-called headshot.

Not only that, there is an AIM auto function with sensitivity settings always right on target in the head. This makes it very easy for players to get Booyah.

But there are lots of websites or Youtube content that provide a download link for the application but the application cannot be used, instead making the account banned by Garena.

You don’t need to worry anymore, because here we have provided a genuine and active link that is guaranteed to be 100% anti-banned and free to download.

No need for further ado, here is the download link we provide for you to use on all types of smartphones.

Cheat Ruok FF APK features

Of course there are many cool features that you can use when you install the application, each feature has its own advantages. The following features are available in the Ruok application.

Auto headshot
The function of this feature is one of making it easier to win the match, why is that? Because you can more easily defeat all enemy opponents by shooting them right on target in the head and automatically headshot.

It is guaranteed that the pro players will not win against you if you use this feature.

Auto AIM
Auto AIM is used to set your shot cursor to always aim at the enemy opponent even though your enemy is very far away. You only need to press the shoot button and the cursor immediately aims at your enemy and shoots him to death.

Increase damage
This feature allows you to automatically increase the damage to your shot, with just a few shots, your enemy will die immediately if you get hit by a shot from you.

There is already an auto headshot and AIM feature plus the damage plus feature, you are guaranteed to win automatically, hehehe.

Anti Banned
Well, there are lots of FF cheat applications in circulation, but a few moments after using the account, Garena will actually get banned.

It will be different if you use the Ruok FF cheat application, because in the application there is an anti-banned feature that is not detected by Garena. So you will be safe when using this application.

Those are some of the features available and you can use them, all of these features are active and successful to use.

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