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To produce a cool and interesting video, of course, you need a video editing application. One application for editing videos is Pro.

By using this application, you can add animation effects and music effects to the video that you want to edit.

This application is almost similar to the Nomo Pro APK application, the difference is that the Beat.Ly Pro Mod APK application you can add music effects that make the video more contemporary.

If you want to know more about this amazing application, keep watching the following reviews!

What is Beat.Ly Pro?

The Pro application is an editor tool that can be used to create photo slideshows with HD music effects.

If you are an influencer or creator of content creators, you should use this application to edit the video first and make the video results cooler.

This application has also been widely used by TikTok content creators because in the application it has many video effects that are currently popular.

How to use it is also easy to do, especially since this application has many powerful features.

Indeed, you can download the Beat.Ly application via Google Playstore, but you can only use limited features and not all video effects you can use.

In order for all these features to be unlocked, you have to upgrade the application to the premium version by paying for it with money.

You don’t need to worry, because there are other alternatives that you can do if you want the premium version without paying for it, namely downloading the Beat.Ly Pro Mod APK application.

This application is the same version as the original but there are third parties who have modified it so that anyone who uses the application can use all its premium features.

There are still many other features that you should know so that when using this application it can be more optimal. The following features are available.

Beat.Ly Pro Mod APK features Pro Mod APK is an application for video editing, but do you already understand all the uses of its features?

Therefore, you must listen to the reviews below about this one application.

There is no watermark
The most annoying thing is when you finish editing the video, apparently the application we use provides a watermark that cannot be removed.

Of course this watermark really spoils the beauty of the video we have made. To solve this, just use the Pro Mod APK version, you can remove the watermark.

There are templates that can be customized
The application has many edited music video templates that you can customize by adding some photos and videos in it.

This feature makes the Pro application superior and widely used by everyone, because all you have to do is choose the type of template to be used and then add photos and videos in the template.

Different types of effects
There are many kinds of interesting effects that can amaze other people who see the results of your video.

Those of you who are not experts in the field of video editing don’t need to worry anymore, because this application can give effects to photos and videos such as adding text, colors and objects as supporting factors.

Free music in high quality
One of the things that can make the video interesting and nice to see is that you have to add music in it.

This Pro APK application offers a lot of music for free that you can choose according to the video theme to be made.

Many choices of music that can be used, for example sad, cheerful songs and songs with natural nuances.

3D transition
With the 3D transition feature, you can combine a video from one to another, this makes the video flow smoothly and accompanied by cool music effects.

A wide selection of transition effects to make your videos come alive and interesting to watch.

Slideshow Maker
If you want to make a slideshow, you can use this Beat.Ly Pro application by using several collections of photos that you have.

Just select a few photos that you want to make into a slideshow and upload them to the application. At this stage, make editing adjustments by providing text, filters and the type of font to be used.

You don’t need to use the default editor that is in the gallery because the features you have are not too complete and boring.

Can save and share videos
The results of the video editing that you have made can be saved directly to the gallery of your cellphone with the resulting quality is very clear, namely 720p HD.

So you don’t need to be afraid, because the video quality won’t drop when you save it on your personal cellphone.

Even cooler, the video that has been edited can be directly shared on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

Simple interface
Many other video editing applications out there provide various types of features, but some of these features actually make the appearance of the application confusing for its users.

The Pro application is very different from the others because the display provided is quite simple and very easy to use.

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