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Playing games in a sporty manner in Free Fire is very difficult to win the game. An alternative to winning is easy, you can use the Bellara VIP APK cheat application.

This application is a modification of the third creation which is almost similar to the FF Skin Tool, where the user who opens the application in the game display will get the Mod Menu option.

Now you can activate the options in the menu, such as auto headshot, hack maps or unlimited diamonds.

Using this application can make it easier for you to win matches in the Free Fire game.

For more details about this application and how to use it, let’s see the reviews below.

Review Bellara VIP Mod APK

Bellara VIP Mod APK is an application that has been modified to be able to cheat in the Free Fire (FF) game.

In this application there is a Mod Menu feature that will appear in the game and you can activate one of the menu options so that you can win the match more easily.

Bellara BLRX is the maker of this cool application, with a sophisticated system this application can enter the FF server and provide features to get unlimited diamonds, AIM auto headshot, speed hack, and wallhack.

Of course anyone who uses this application will be able to win more easily in matches to get a Booyah or a chiken dinner.

Not only that, in the Mod menu option there is an option to unlock all weapon and character skins. You only need to activate the menu option.

If you are interested in trying this application, you need to know what features Bellara VIP APK has.

Bellara VIP Mod APK features

There are some features that only focus on winning matches such as auto Aim, but there are other features that are no less cool.

The following features are contained in the application.

Aim Bot Auto Headshot
This feature has a function to make it easier to shoot enemy opponents without the need to aim at them.

By using the AIM auto headshot feature, you only need to find where the enemy is and press the button to shoot so your enemy will automatically die from a bullet in his head.

No Recoil
To defeat the enemy you need to shoot properly and not rush to hit the target. Well, this no recoil feature when you shoot there is no jerk when shooting.

Therefore, eliminating enemy opponents will be very easy and much faster, especially when combined with the AIM auto headshot system.

Sonic Speed ​​Hack
If you activate this feature, you can adjust your running speed to avoid enemy attacks.

With this feature, you can also find enemies more easily, because the running speed given in this application can move 25 times faster than the original version.

Ghost Mode
When in a match your ammunition runs out or you don’t have a weapon, you can activate the Ghost Mode feature so that it won’t be seen by enemy opponents.

This feature can help you disappear from enemy view and will be difficult to find. When it is urgent, you can activate this feature to avoid attacks from enemies.

Aim Spot
If you find it difficult to find where the enemy is hiding, you can activate the Aim Spot feature. With this feature you can find all enemy opponents who are hiding.

There is a series of orange lines that direct the position of all your enemies. Follow the line and defeat all hiding enemies to win the match faster.

Unlimited Diamond
Now this feature is one of the best features, if to get diamonds you need to buy it with money.

Meanwhile, the diamond price given by Garena is a quite expensive category.

Using this feature you can enter the number of diamonds you want, and use all the diamonds to buy weapon skins, characters, parachutes and others.

Other Features
In addition to the features listed above, there are still many features contained in this application, here are other features available in the Bellara VIP Mod APK application:

  • Aim fov becomes 0.
  • Auto aim zoom.
  • Hand antenna data.
  • Anti logs system.
  • Unloced IM.
  • Unbanned function.
  • Noite mode.
  • Pink Body.
  • ESP On / Off on name and box.
  • Can have a medkit while running.
  • Teleport pro.

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