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One of the interesting and fun games to play this year is the Blob Runner 3D APK game. This game has a racing theme that allows you to control a doll in the shape of a human.

In the gameplay you have to run to pass all the obstacles that exist to reach the next level. Each given obstacle also has its own difficulty level.

With graphics that already support 3D viewing, this game is very popular and is sought after by many people to play on empty time and eliminate boredom.

If you are interested in this game, just take a look at the reviews below! Because we will provide you with a download link for Blob Runner 3D APK and what features it has.

What is Blob Runner 3D APK?

Blob Runner 3D APK is a very fun new game with nice graphics and a simple user interface. In this game you can have a great experience and enjoy it with your friends.

You have to run a puppet character in the form of a human to get through all obstacles and don’t let your character hit the wall blocking the way. Complete various obstacles and win every match.

Blob Runner 3D APK game requires players to control a doll that is quite difficult to control through every obstacle that exists.

If the obstacles are passed you will continue to the next level of obstacles, and of course each level has a different difficulty level.

If you are hit by a wall that blocks the path, your character will die and have to start over from the beginning.

And that’s the main advantage of this game because it has its own sensation for each given obstacle. By seeing the character lose some body parts and recover when hit by a barrier wall and when moving will change shape and even color.

For the Mod APK version it has been modified where you will get the unlimited money feature, which is unlimited money that you can use to buy all the characters available in the store.

This game is perfect for getting rid of boredom, you can play and spend time on the smartphone you have. If you are interested in playing this game, just download the link below which we have provided.

How to Install Applications

If you have downloaded the APK file above, then install the application on the smartphone that you have with the tutorial below:

  1. The first step, you must first download the game by pressing the blue Download button above.
  2. After downloading, do the installation process by activating Unknown Source or Unknown Sources in the Settings menu.
  3. Then open the APK file folder in the memory storage area on your smartphone.
  4. Click Install on the application.
  5. Then wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. When it’s finished installing, open the game and you can play it.

Blob Runner 3D APK features

Some of the cool features contained in this game make it much in demand by players. What are the features of the Blob Runner 3D game? Here is the explanation:

3D graphics
The Blob Runner 3D game has very clear graphics and makes the players even more fun because the funny characters look more real and adorable.

Apart from that, the gameplay of this game also has a very exciting and attractive appearance that is perfect for filling your spare time.

Strategy Games
This game does not only rely on speed to run and be the winner, but you have to use clever strategies to get through every given obstacle so you don’t lose the game.

Various Levels of Difficulty
This game has a higher difficulty level for each level, the higher the level you play, the higher the difficulty level.

Easy Control System
Apart from some of the features mentioned above, this game also has advantages with a fairly simple and easy character control system. This is what makes players addicted to playing Blob Runner 3D APK.

There are many types of characters
There are lots of 3D characters consisting of a robot and a magic pony. Each character has its own uniqueness, you can also play with various types of character colors to choose from.

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