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If you are someone who likes the world of videography, you must definitely have a video editing application, one of these editing applications is full HD bokeh videos.

Bokeh is a word commonly used in the world of video and photo editing to produce images that focus on a specific object.

By adding these effects can make the background of photos and videos blur or blurry, so that the results of the image are nice and interesting

Usually a photographer needs to edit the photo background first with a blur technique to make it cool, but with technological advances, nowadays many applications are present to help make work easier in terms of photo editing to become blurry.

If you are interested in trying and practicing it, please take a look at the reviews below about some of the best bokeh video application collections.

What is Video Bokeh?

The term bokeh is taken from Japanese which means “foggy” or “blur” in photography techniques. With this technique the object in the photo or video will be seen more clearly, making the results clear.

To get this visual blur effect requires a special shooting technique, namely the distance between the subject and the background must have a focused plane.

This is often called the exposure triangle technique to create a blurry background and you also need a special lens on the camera so that the object you want to take can be in focus.

This effect is widely used in making video films so many are asking how can you make a video or photo full HD bokeh? The alternative is to use the application that we have provided below which can be used on all types of Android smartphones.

In general, it is difficult to get bokeh video results with a low pixel smartphone camera, therefore the camera that is often used to get bokeh results directly is by using a DSLR camera.

Download Bokeh Video Application

To get a bokeh effect, you usually need a lens with special specifications. However, this does not mean that this effect cannot be achieved with a smartphone camera.

Some smartphones currently have built-in camera features to support the blur effect in videos, but if your smartphone doesn’t have this feature, take it easy because to produce such videos, you can use the bokeh effect video editor application recommended below.

  1. Insta Bokeh
  2. After Focus
  3. Real Bokeh
  4. Mago Video
  5. Bokeh Effect Video Maker
  6. Square Blur Video
  7. Camera FX
  8. Video Square
  9. Cinema FV-5 Lite
  10. Inshot Pro

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