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CooCoo WhatsApp or CooCoo WA is one of the many Whatsapp Mod applications. The main advantage of this application is that it has never been found in a similar application, namely customizable video calls.

Apart from the video call sector, the launch of CooCoo WA is also filled with new features that are no less interesting. This application can make your chat moments feel more interesting and fun.

In addition, you can change the appearance of Coocoo WhatsApp according to your taste by taking advantage of the characteristic colorful themes so that you can also change its appearance to transparent WhatsApp.

For more details about this cool application, keep reading to this article to find out all the features of Coocoo WA and how to use them.

What is CooCoo WhatsApp?

The name Coocoo WA is not very popular because it is a new application. Its presence aims to improve the shortcomings that exist in the original version of the Whatsapp application.

One of the limitations of the original version of WA is the very limited file sharing feature. These limitations include the number of files that can be sent at a time as well as the file size.

The missing feature from the original WA is changing the theme. At CooCoo WA, users are free to change the theme as they wish.

Actually the CooCoo WA application is a modified version of the original WhatsApp and added various interesting features. Therefore this application is referred to as WhatsApp Mod.

Apart from Coocoo WA which is discussed in this article, there are also many other WA mods circulating on the internet. For example Whatsapp Aero, Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp and YoWhatsapp.

CooCoo WhatsApp APK features

Like Whatsapp Mod in general, CooCoo WA presents so many additional features that were not previously available in the original version. The following is a list of CooCoo WA features and an explanation.

Effects During Video Calls
The first excellent feature of the CooCoo WhatsApp APK is the effect when on a video call. This feature is similar to the one in the Line application. So, users can apply effects to their faces while on a video call.

The type of effect that is mostly provided is the beauty effect. For example, making the face brighter, the eyes bigger, like using make up, and so on. There are 72 effects that can be selected and used by the user.

This feature can be a solution when the face is not conducive but must accept video calls.

Thousands of Themes
The theme on the original version of Whatsapp feels very boring because there are only two, namely light and dark. Therefore, CooCoo WA comes with thousands of theme choices that can be applied as desired.

Before being applied, the themes on Coocoo WA must be downloaded first and then you can use all the available themes.

More Free File Sharing
The file sharing feature is needed in the Whatsapp application because many users use it for business communication. The original version of WA is only able to send files with a maximum size of 16 MB.

The maximum limit is considered too small. So that the Coocoo WA developer changed the maximum limit to 100 MB.

Uniquely, Coocoo WA users can see a preview or display of the file without having to download it first.

Safer Privacy
This feature has been found in many other WA Mod applications. The purpose of this application is to protect the privacy of its users. Here are some of the privacy features available on Coocoo WA:

Hide online status when opening WA
Does not display blue tick status even though the chat has been read
Check one when the message has arrived but has not been replied to.

Anti Banned
The last feature that is not less important is anti-ban. This feature is very important to protect users from ‘raids’ by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp often disciplines users who use the Mod application. However, Coocoo WA is equipped with the latest security system so it is safe from banned threats. We recommend that you update the application when an update is available to avoid getting banned.

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