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Almost all games cannot be separated from diamonds, with this diamond game players can buy all items such as character skins and weapons. By downloading Codashop Pro you can get diamonds for free.

Codashop is a service for topping up diamonds such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty.

This application has indeed become a subscription for gamers if you want to buy diamonds, because it is easy to transact and the price given is not too expensive.

However, there is an application from a third party called Codashop Pro APK. This application can give you FF and ML diamonds for free without the need to do a top-up.

For more details, you can see the reviews below.

What is Codashop Pro?

Codashop Pro APK is an application developed by a third party that has premium features that can top-up diamonds for free.

Please note, this app is different from the official codashop online shop. Only the name of the application is deliberately similar.

This application is highly sought after by gamers because there is a secret feature that can get unlimited diamonds for free.

Games that can get diamonds also vary, such as, Free Fire, Mobile Legend and PUBG Mobile.

When opening this application you only need to top-up with a price (0) and enter the number of diamonds you want at will.

Of course it’s tempting right? Hehehe. But before downloading the Codashop Pro application, you must know the difference in the top-up method for each game. Due to different games, there are also different ways to get the diamonds.

Codashop Pro FF

This application has been modified by the developer, the modification it makes is that you can fill in diamonds on your FF account for free at a price of 0 rupiah.

This application actually provides a script in the game so that when you top-up the Free Fire game, the script that reads will match the price of the diamond you filled.

So like, if you top-up for example 10,000 diamonds, the script in the application will provide data in the form of a similar payer so that the settings in the game will automatically provide the diamonds that you top-up.

Codashop Pro ML

For the Mobile Legends game, it is actually the same as the FF game, because both need to top-up the application with a total price of (0) rupiah.

If you want to get diamonds in the ML game, you can select the category menu that is applied to do a top-up in the mobile legends game.

PUBG Mobile Codashop Pro

On PUBG Mobile, it’s a little different from the others. Because PUBG Mobile doesn’t use diamonds but the UC system.

You can use this UC system by changing the existing category to UC PUBG.

Do a top-up by entering your PUBG game account name and filling in the desired number of UC.

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