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Along with the popularity of pokemon games, ZigZaGame developer made one of the games that are similar to it, namely Evertale Mod APK. The advantage of this game is that it features unlimited Soul Stone & Money.

In this game, you can go on an adventure to find a pet and then catch it. You have to train these animals so they can have special strengths and skills.

With often you train these pets make them great and you can register them in the competition. If you win the match, of course you will get an attractive prize.

This game is very exciting and interesting for you to play, if you are interested in trying it, let’s keep an eye on the reviews below.

What is Evertale APK?

The Evertale APK game is a game that is almost similar to the Pokemon game, but the difference is that this game has excellent graphics and a more interesting storyline.

At the beginning of your game, it will be told every 100 years, the world of Eden will experience a big disaster called Pandemonium. However, the disaster unexpectedly came 18 years after the last disaster.

This could be a bad omen for the earth and threaten the life that is on it. However, this bad thing is followed by a good sign by the arrival of the Quartet of young heroes to reunite and make the final fight and end all the disasters that exist in Eden.

They are brave warriors who are willing to sacrifice themselves to make life in Erden better.

Well, here you will be the Quartet to fight until Erden is no longer hit by a dangerous disaster. Your job is to find a pet as a power tool and you have to train it often to have great skills.

In this game there is a match where the Quartets pit their strengths, whoever wins is the best and gets an attractive prize.

In terms of graphics, this game provides images with very high quality so that every building and battle effect displayed makes it more real.

In addition, there are audio effects in the gameplay that make you feel more comfortable when playing the Evertale APK game.

Because the graphics and audio effects provided are very good, of course, anyone who plays the game doesn’t get bored easily and instead enjoys every flow of the game.

During the battle you have to fight many enemies and you can also catch it as your pet. There are many types of monsters that you will face in each area.

Use the best pets to fight against dangerous enemies, and always train them to have special qualities. However, when you find it difficult to play this game, we recommend that you download the Evertale Mod APK.

This Mod APK version of the game has features that are not in the original version, namely unlimited everything features. Want to know what features it has? Check out the reviews below.

Evertale Mod APK features

When you play the Mod APK version of the game, of course, it’s more fun than the original. This game has been modified to get some excellent features to make it easier for you to play the game. Here are the features.

Unlimited Soul Stones
This feature allows you to get unlimited soul stones and is used to buy all items in the shop.

Of course, getting a soul stone is very difficult to get, you can only find or buy it with money. It will be different when you download the Mod APK version, you can have as many soul stones as possible.

Unlimited Money & Gems
To collect money you must always complete missions and kill all existing enemy opponents. Each mission is completed, you only get a little money.

Each given mission also varies in difficulty from easy to difficult to win. To get money and diamonds for free you can solve it by downloading the Evertale Mod APK.

Now you don’t need to worry anymore about running out of money, because the money that will be given can be used indefinitely.

1 Hit Kill
This feature has a function, which is one hit deals great damage, so that every enemy opponent you will face will immediately die.

Use this feature to defeat enemies that you think are difficult to deal with, because just one hit an enemy who has a large HP will immediately lose.

Free Shopping
Now this free shopping feature is actually a feature that we think is very feasible to use, because you can buy all available items to make your pet stronger and invincible.

All Paid Features Unlocked
For all paid premium features in the game Evertale APK will be unlocked and used if you download the Mod APK version. This feature can also help you to determine and form a team according to your wishes.

It’s easier to complete the mission
Each mission has different difficulties, some are easy and some are difficult to complete. When you find a mission that is difficult to pass you don’t need to worry.

Because of all the features that have been given above, it can make it easier for your character to complete each of these missions and get attractive prizes.

Those are the features of the Mod version, if you are interested in trying it, please download the game at the link below.

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