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Currently the WhatsApp application is becoming very popular among people, especially in Indonesia. This application can be said to be a substitute for short message services or so-called SMS. Because this application is very popular, there is one type of variant, namely GB WhatsApp Pro APK.

This application is a modification of the original WhatsApp which is equipped with interesting features and has many advantages over other WA Mod applications.

One of the best features is that you can see WA messages that have been deleted by the sender and can customize the appearance of your WhatsApp screen to be more up to date.

Apart from that there are many other features that you can use, if you are curious? Come on, just take a look at the following complete information, because we have summarized from various sources about the GBWhatsApp application which is currently popular!

What is GBWhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified application of standard WA that is specially made and is equipped with many excellent features and very unique functions.

This application is made by a third party so if you look for it through Playstore of course you won’t find it.

GB WA is becoming very popular because it has more features that are not in the original application, such as being able to change the appearance of the theme to make it more attractive and you can also lock with a password the contents of your chat with other people.

There are many versions of WA Mod on the market such as YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero which are widely used by other users.

This application can be the best alternative for those of you who are bored with the monotonous appearance of WhatsApp, making it very boring, especially since the features it has are very limited.

By using this cool application, of course this brings many advantages that are not present in the original version, such as additional security, more flexible use, and many others.

Apart from that this application can also be used as a second WhatsApp application, considering that it can run on the original WhatsApp background. So that the two applications can run simultaneously.

However, because this application is the result of a third party modification, many consider this application unofficial and illegal. But you don’t need to be afraid about it, because we will give you the official and safe GBWhatsApp application, of course.

GBWhatsApp APK Application Features

This application is famous for its very complete features, in fact it is called one of the best WhatsApp Mod applications. Here are some of the excellent features in the GBWA application:

Scheduled Message
Scheduling messages is an important feature that WhatsApp must have, unfortunately it is not yet available in the original version. So that this application embeds this feature to answer the concerns of the original WhatsApp users.

This feature allows you to schedule messages to be sent, of course it will be very helpful if you forget or overslept the automatic message will still be sent. In addition, there are also regular schedule messages, such as attendance, job jobs, and so on.

Create Long Video Status
There are times when making history on WhatsApp is very limited, which is only about 30 seconds, even though the duration of the video that you want to load is minutes. With this application, all of that can be done very easily.

GBWhatsApp is able to create status for up to 7 minutes, here you no longer need to share parts like the official application.

Sending Multiple Files
The need to send sending files has become the main thing on WhatsApp, of course this application can provide more sophisticated features. According to the specifications this application can send up to 100 files at once.

This number is quite large, considering that the original version is only able to send 10 files at a time. Of course, it can also be used to send very large files.

Hide Online Notifications
Hiding notifications or online status is a mandatory feature on WhatsApp Mod, as is the WhatsApp GB application. In fact, it has a more unique feature, where this application can hide online status, keep a single check mark, to hide the view history.

This feature is perfect for those of you who don’t really like being seen online, especially since the account has various contacts. Surely I feel reluctant to be seen always online.

Automatic Message Reply
In addition, this application can reply to messages by yourself or so-called automatic reply, this feature is useful for various needs. For example, replying to a large number of customers, replying when you are offline, or other needs.

This feature allows it to be used as a business account, because it can simplify the work of business owners or admins in dealing with their customers.

Manage more than one account
If you use the standard WhatsApp application, you can only manage one account on one smartphone. Therefore it is recommended to use the GBWhatsapp application if you want to manage two accounts on one smartphone.

By using dual WA accounts, you can create one special account for friends and another one you can use for work such as a business WhatsApp account.

Customize Themes
If you are bored with the usual WhatsApp themes and fonts, the GB WhatsApp application can help you be an alternative. You can download a collection of GB WhatsApp themes and customize it to your needs.

In the GBWA application there are many theme options that you can make adjustments and change according to your wishes, such as the Doraemon theme, iOS theme and others.

Anti Message Eraser
With this amazing feature, you can now read deleted WhatsApp messages so that you can also prevent senders from deleting messages once they have been sent to them.

To be able to read messages that have been deleted by the sender, simply click on the Contact Name and enable Anti-Deletion Messages.

Enter a Password
GBWhatsapp has a function that can be used to block messages and applications. In this way, important messages can be kept secret on your mobile phone and to find this function in normal applications is of course not available.

This can be useful if the content of your message is very confidential and you don’t want other people to know what the conversation is about. The step to lock WhatsApp messages is to open the GB settings menu then look for the lock chat option after entering the passcode which only you know, if you have clicked OK.

Download WA Status
You cannot copy or download the status of your friends who are in the WhatsApp contact list. If you are interested in a friend’s status, be it a funny photo or video, you can save the image through the GBWhatsApp application.

In the official application there is no feature to save the WA status directly, it’s just that you can use other methods by capturing or screenshot of the WA status, but in the GBW application there is a feature that can save the WA status of our contacts automatically.

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