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GTA is one of the Playstation and PC games that was quite popular in the 2000s. It turns out that this one game can be played on Android under the name GTA SA Lite application. To play it, download the APK file along with the OBB with the link in this article.

This game is a little different because it has cool features, namely there are buildings that are characteristic of the Indonesian state, starting from the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, Mona Tower, Borobudur Temple and many more.

Not only that, there are also other things such as motorbikes and cars that you can see in the game. The size of this game is light, only 16MB, but the OBB APK data of this game is quite large, around 200MB. The OBB data file is different, because it has several types such as OBB Mali, OBB Adreno and OBB PowerVR.

The application that will be discussed here is a Mod version or a modified version of an existing application. If you are interested in trying it, let’s just look at the explanation.

GTA SA Lite APK Review

GTA SA Lite stands for the existing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game, called the lite version because this application is a lighter version and smaller than the GTA SA APK which can be played on a video game console or PC.

This game is very popular throughout the world, including Indonesia. Not a few GTA game modifications have been made by creative developers from various countries.

The Indonesian version of GTA SA Mod features very Indonesian animation and graphics. Examples are buildings, characters, vehicles, activities, and much more.

Examples of famous buildings included in this game include the National Monument or Monas, Borobudur Temple, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK).

The typical Indonesian content contained in this game makes the gameplay even more interesting. Even though this game is full of modifications, the installer file size is not that big.

In fact, the file size tends to be very small when compared to games that exist today. The Apk file size of the Indonesian version of GTA San Andreas Lite is 17 MB.

This game assets file is provided separately in OBB form. The existing OBB file versions vary according to smartphone SOC, namely the PowerVR, Mali, and Adreno versions. The OBB file size for the Indonesian version of GTA San Andreas is 200 MB.

You need to know that some of these lite versions of games can only be used for GPU Mali, Adreno and Power VR. Therefore you have to check your Android GPU so that the game can be played smoothly, here is an explanation for checking the GPU of an Android smartphone:

First, download and install the CPU-Z application on the PlayStore.
When finished, open the application and find the list of smartphone specifications in question by checking the GPU Renderer section.
On the screen, you will see the type of GPU on the smartphone you are using.

GTA San Andreas Lite features

As a modified application, the lite version of GTA San Andreas has several excellent features, namely:

  1. Supported in various languages ​​ranging from Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian and English.
  2. The game ends by selecting the type of vehicle such as a police car or ambulance.
  3. Radio can be played automatically, this is a fix from a bug that occurred in the previous version.
  4. There are additional missions that can be carried out by players.
  5. There is a Tatil Immersion effect to be a very epic combination.
  6. There are graphic quality adjustments so that the game can match the player’s desires and device capabilities.
  7. Can be connected with a bluetooth connection gamepad, USB connection gamepad, and MoGa wireless game controller.
  8. There are three types of controlling schemes that are different and can be adjusted according to the wishes of the player. The scheme can be changed according to contextual purposes. There is also a special button that will appear when needed.
  9. Character models multiply. This has also been followed by an increase in the number of color palettes for in-game graphics.
  10. Especially for Android users, you can enjoy HD graphics on the Indonesian version of GTA SA Lite.
  11. Can be played using dual analog sticks such as on video game consoles and PCs.
  12. Changes or progress in the game can be saved on cloud storage so that players don’t have to repeat the game from the beginning when switching devices.

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