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Download and play the latest version of the Infinite Flight Mod APK game to feel the sensation of being a pilot when driving an airplane with the best features open to all types of aircraft.

Sometimes have you ever thought what it feels like to control an airplane and see the view of the sky so wide. Now this can be overcome by playing the Infinite Flight game.

This game offers the most realistic flight simulation experience supported for Android and iOS mobile devices. So when you play this game, you will know what it feels like to fly in an airplane and see the whole view from above.

If you are interested in trying to play the game, let’s just look at the reviews below because we have prepared a download link for you to download for free.

What is Infinite Flight APK?

Previously we discussed the Real Flight Simulator Mod APK game, but the Infinite Flight APK game has a slight difference in its features.

The Infinite Flight APK game offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, so if you are a beginner who is curious about controlling an airplane this game is perfect for you to try.

You have to fly different types of planes in regions around the world with different times of day and night and in different weather conditions.

Improve your skills to pilot an airplane with sophisticated cameras and flight control systems that allow you to check every part of the flight.

By playing this game you can experience work and life as a real pilot. Apart from being a pilot, you can also explore places around the world with different views.

The task of playing the Infinite Flight APK game is that you are required to be a true pilot of a great aircraft to transport passengers and the amount of cargo to a predetermined location.

This game has more than 30 types of aircraft such as Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, Embraer, Cirrus or even special aircraft that you can use.

Each plane has different characteristics, is used to transport different types of goods or passengers separately, and there are different controls for you to steer.

However, if you play the original version of the default Google Playstore, you can only use one type of aircraft. If you want to have everything you have to buy it first.

Alternatively, so that you can have all types of aircraft and all the features in the game are open, you can download a modified version, namely Infinite Flight Mod APK.

If you are interested, just download the game at the link below which we have provided for free for you.

Infinite Flight Mod APK gameplay

You have never thought about being a pilot, therefore the Infinite Flight Mod APK simulation game was created which allows you to have an unforgettable experience with direct flight simulations via your smartphone.

In addition, this game has day and night effects that add to the realistic gameplay.

In the control system section, you will be notified about the takeoff to start the first flight then need to adjust the direction and speed of the aircraft manually using the cockpit controls to complete the journey.

You can sit in the cockpit and view the entire aircraft and flight coordinates in outdoor mode. The outdoor style is quite fun because you can see the view from above to see snowy mountains, crowded cities, or large green grass.

3D graphics

The graphics rendered in the game Infinite Flight Mod APK is one of the most realistic graphic simulation games ever. You will be surprised by the almost real-life image of the airplane, sky, runway, etc.

In addition, these images are more realistic with different landscapes and very realistic weather. When you pilot the plane, you can pass through many areas with different views.

Enjoy majestic mountains, beautiful desert landscapes, blue oceans and there are also many flexible weather effects. The maker of this game uses actual satellite imagery to simulate the scene.

Experience Driving an Airplane

To pilot an airplane is very unlikely, because you need to do various tests and exercises in order to be able to pilot an airplane.

Because of this, the process of becoming a pilot requires rigorous training and few people are capable. There are many aircraft engines and control systems that you have to get used to in order to take control and fly safely.

First you will be given a plane that you can test and get used to with the takeoff system, cruise control, and landing methods. Apart from that, the game includes an autopilot mode, with which you can control all flights, run flight mode, and land automatically.

In general, the control system is quite complicated if you are not a pilot. However, once you master it, you will be interested in driving large aircraft and flying over large areas of the sky.

Open All Aircraft Types

When playing the Infinite Flight Mod APK game, apart from driving a commercial airplane, you can also unlock more types of aircraft. There are many types of aircraft such as MD-11F, CRJ-200, 208 Caravan, CRJ-700, SR22 and even this game has military and cargo planes to choose from.

You can drive new planes to bring new experiences. However, it takes a lot of skill to become a good pilot.

In addition, to be a talented and intelligent driver, one must be very attentive in dealing with all situations. In-flight incidents are inevitable.

This could be related to the engine or weather conditions. If you encounter such a problem, the best thing to do is to stay calm and immediately contact air traffic control to land at the nearest airport.

There are more than 30,000 airports for you to make emergency landings. You have to make decisions about the safety of hundreds of people on board. So, make sure you stay calm when you experience distractions while driving a plane.

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