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Do you want to edit photos or videos to make them high quality? We recommend using the Inshot Pro Mod APK application.

This application has been widely used by photo and video editing service recipients. Not only that, YouTube creators also always use this application if they want to edit a video.

This application provides many premium features that can be used to make the photos or videos that you edit become more attractive, such as adding filter effects and so on.

If you want more details about this application and what features are available, let’s look at the reviews below.

What is Inshot Pro?

Inshot Pro is one of the best applications that can make video and photo editing more interesting. This application has been used by many people who want to edit their videos or photos to make them look cooler.

Behind a cool photo and video work, the editing process needs to be done first.

The use of this editing varies, such as making photos or videos HD, adding lighting effects, and providing written text.

Thanks to technological advances, the Inshot application provides several advanced features that can make your photo and video edits interesting and you can share to social media such as Instagram or YouTube.

However, this application has two versions of use, namely the free and premium versions.

This free version you can only use limited features and other features will be locked, so that this locked feature can be opened you need to upgrade the application to the premium version.

To be able to have this premium version, you have to spend money to be able to use it.

The price given is very expensive and makes Misqueen people think again about upgrading to the premium version.

But take it easy, you don’t need to worry because this can be done above with the alternative of downloading the Inshot Pro application.

This application has been modified and is very similar to the original, more than that you can also use all the premium features that are locked.

The features it has are also very many, of course it will be very disadvantageous if you don’t use all the features that are available for free. To make it clearer what features are provided, see the review below.

Inshot Pro Mod APK Features

Some of these features make it widely used by photographers if they want to edit their photos and videos. The following are the features of the Inshot Pro application.

Can Make Video Slideshow
You can make a video using some of the photos you have.

It’s not too difficult to make, you only need to combine a few photos into the application then make it a video.

Video Speed ​​Settings
If you have made a video with some of the photos that you have provided earlier. Time to adjust the speed of the video.

This feature can create a slowmotion effect, which is a slow motion on the video. Apart from that, you can also speed up the video according to your wishes.

Added Animated Stickers
To make the video or photo that you edit even cooler, you can add an animated sticker.

In this application, there are many types of animated stickers that you can use, so you don’t need to worry if there are no stickers that you think are cool.

The animated stickers available are very diverse, such as stickers for dolls, cartoons and animals.

Add Music Audio Effects
In general, a video will not be interesting if there is no music, with the Inshot Pro application you can add a music audio effect to the video that you want to edit.

Adding music is very easy to do, you can select music from the audio playlist menu and add it to your video.

If you are not satisfied with the music available on the application you can also add it manually.

Unlocked Full Effect
By using the Inshot Pro application you can add several effects and transitions so that the video or photo results become more colorful.

The filter effects provided in this application are very diverse, you can choose a filter effect that you think is perfect for the video you are making.

Adding filter effects to every photo and video is very important, because by adding these effects your photos and videos will make it more natural.

No Watermark
Watermarks are very useful as a sign that a photo or video that you make is copyrighted.

But if the watermark is a brand or application, of course, it makes your video or photo editing results less attractive.

You don’t need to worry, this can be overcome by using the Inshot Pro application.

Multiple Format Support
When you are finished editing photos or videos you need to save them in storage memory, but many applications do not provide a complete storage format.

With this application you can save your edits in various very complete formats such as MP4, JPG, PNG and others.

Adjust Frame and Ratio
In order for your videos and photos to be of high quality, you need to set a ratio for your videos and photos.

You can choose a 1: 1 or 9:16 ratio which can be used, or set the ratio manually by selecting a custom ratio.

Frames in a photo and video are frames that can be decorated to make them look more attractive and neat.

Those are the features of Inshot Pro Mod APK, if you already know the usefulness of each function you can download it at the link below.

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