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Along with technological advances, there are now many applications that offer video editing functions to make video results cooler, one of which is the KineMaster Diamond application.

If you are a beginner in using a PC video editing application, the KineMaster Diamond application can help you do video editing.

You don’t need to bother using a PC or laptop to edit a video, because you can use this application on a smartphone.

For more details about this application and how to use it, let’s look at the following reviews.

What is KineMaster Diamond?

Along with technological developments, especially in the field of photography, you should take this opportunity to create video content and share it on the YouTube platform.

If the videos you make are interesting and many watch, of course you can get extra money through the content you create.

KineMaster Diamond is a professional video editing application that is widely used by content creators, because this application can be easily used via a smartphone.

This application provides many interesting features such as combining frames, adding sound audio, giving a text in a video and others.

In addition, using the KineMaster Diamond application you can open video editing services.

KineMaster Diamond has a free and pro version, to subscribe to this pro version you have to pay around Rp.53,000 / month. If you subscribe, of course you can enjoy all the features it has.

However, if you want the pro version but don’t have the money to subscribe you can solve it with an alternative KineMaster Diamond Mod APK.

This application is made by a third party and is no different from the original version, because it is only modified so that users who use it can use the paid features for free.

KineMaster Diamond Mod APK features

The features of this application are very diverse and can make anyone who uses it help in the video editing process. The following features are available in the application.

  1. Already supports all types of video formats.
  2. There are many different layers of video.
  3. Unlock premium access.
  4. Equipped with 3D transition effects.
  5. There are mosaic and blur effects.
  6. Has a video creation speed setting menu.
  7. Can share to all social media platforms.
  8. Many choices of interesting themes.
  9. Chroma key can be activated.
  10. Offers video editing results with high resolution.

Excellence KineMaster Diamond Application

There are many reasons why you should use this application, for example, like you can make educational videos, school assignments and entertainment videos.

This application is an application that can edit videos and movies because it uses advanced technology and is always updated.

Kinemaster Diamond also supports video editing services to full HD and increases the control system up to 16 times the speed.

So you can adjust the video speed according to your needs. From editing videos to slow motion to adjusting videos with a high time lapse.

KineMaster Diamond has also been designed with a better user interface for the audio part as the interface has been improved and includes bug fixes.

Of course this application is perfect for people who like the world of video editing to make their video content very interesting and professional.

Here are some other reasons why you should use the KineMaster Diamond application:

No Watermark
If you use the original version, the results of the video that you edit will have a watermark or an application logo written in the lower corner.

Actually, this watermark can help those of you who don’t want their videos to be stolen or avoid plagiarism.

To overcome this, you can use the Mod APK version, because you can remove the annoying watermark.

No Ads
The advantage of this Mod APK version is that the application can immediately block when advertisements appear.

Even though the ads that appear can be skipped, of course if they appear continuously it can disturb your concentration who are doing the video editing process.

Simple Display
If you’ve seen the appearance of the Kinemaster Diamond application, it is almost similar to the Alight Motion Pro application.

The appearance given to the application is very simple and does not confuse users who are new to using the application.

You just need to import a photo or video and include it in your project. There are several tools that you need to understand, such as tools for new layers, deleting clips, and recording sound.

Can Record In Real Time
This application also provides a function to be able to make a recording that can be done in real time.

You no longer need to use other applications to record stories and make videos. Usually the quality of videos that are not recorded directly can reduce the quality of the video.

This will make the video that you create produce a much clearer and cleaner quality.

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