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If you are a lover of reading anime manga series, you must download the Mangakuri APK. A very complete and free manga collection provider application.

With the development of technology, it is easier for us to carry out daily activities such as answering exam questions via the WhatsApp Bot.

It is undeniable that reading manga series, where in the past we had to buy anime comics at bookstores in order to read them. Now you can just use your smartphone to be able to read your favorite anime manga.

The Mangakuri APK application is always updated on manga collections, and most importantly you don’t have to pay to be able to read your favorite manga, because this application is free.

For more details about what is contained in this application, let’s look at the reviews below.

What is Mangakuri APK?

Mangakuri APK is an application on Android that provides a collection of manga series that can be read for free. This application has many manga series with various types of genres.

You can choose the genre you want to read, the various genres provided by this application such as horror, comedy, romantic and others.

With this application you can enjoy your free time by reading your favorite anime comics.

The Mangakuri application is also always updated to get the latest episodes every week and every month. Then you can also have a library to store your own reading history.

Every week the app will automatically update the available manga collections and new episodes.

Therefore, if you really like reading manga, we highly recommend this application for you to have.

You don’t need to buy comics in stores, let alone buy a comic you have to pay with money. Of course this is burdensome for the misqueen, hehehe.

If you are interested and want to download this application, you can download and install it on the smartphone you have.

Before downloading the application, you should know what features you have so you don’t get confused when using it. Following are the features of the Mangakuri application.

Features of the Mangakuri APK

The Mangakuri anime application is very superior compared to sites that provide free comic reading providers. Why is that? one of the advantages of the manga series that is given is always updated.

For more details, see the review below about what features this application has.

There are Bookmarks
What are bookmarks? Bookmark is a marker to be able to mark your favorite manga that you have read.

So, when you have finished reading manga because you have an activity to do and want to read it again when it’s finished, you don’t need to do a manual search.

Large Selection of Comics
If you have finished reading one of the manga series, take it easy you will not be bored with this application.

There are many choices of comics available with various genres that you can enjoy one by one. Moreover, this application is always updated every day and week, of course you will not miss the currently popular manga collections.

Can Choose Language
Another feature is that there are many language choices. Of course you can set the language options that you want to use while using it.

You can choose English if necessary, but for regional languages ​​such as Javanese or Sumatran there is no, guys.

No Ads
Well, this is one of the most superior. Why? Usually comic reading service providers on website sites always have advertisements that appear when you are reading manga.

This of course really annoys its users, but you don’t worry because with this cool application you won’t find these annoying advertisements.

Simple Display
What is a simple display? This simple interface gives its users when using the application they are not confused.

Because the appearance is quite simple, with a choice of manga categories that you want to read in the upper right corner.

Has Detailed Comic Information
In order to be clearer when you want to read a manga, you need to read detailed information.

Such as the title, sipnosis and characters in the cast in the story line being played.

Gesture Mode
What is gesture mode? wow you guys really miss meaningful information. This gesture mode is a feature that can change the display to zoom in or zoom out.

There is also a swipe function to continue you to the next page.

So, those are the features that Mangakuri APK has, if you already understand the features and functions, what are you waiting for if you don’t download the application. Here is the download link that you can download.

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