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Want to have a notification display on a different smartphone? Try using the NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK application which has powerful features that can customize the appearance of your notifications to be cooler.

Notification on a smartphone is an indispensable feature, this is a function of providing notification alerts to smartphone users. Of course, with notifications you don’t need to check every time if there are messages coming in.

It’s just that many types of smartphones give a slightly boring notification appearance. If you want to try a different look, you can use the NotifyBuddy Amoled Notification Light application.

This application can help those of you who want to have a different notification screen display by customizing it according to your wishes.

If you are interested in this application, please refer to the reviews below to find out how to use it and what features the NotifyBuddy Mod APK application has.

Review NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK

Notifications on smartphones are very useful as a sign of notification to us that there is a message, telephone, email or schedule of activities that you have to do.

With this notification you can optimize each of your activities in a timely manner. Especially if you have a busy time, of course, you can’t always monitor your smartphone to wait for incoming messages.

However, notifications on some types of smartphones have a boring appearance and the writing is not very clear and even the notification often doesn’t come out.

You don’t need to worry anymore now because there is a new application that you can use to customize the notification screen to be very cool and up to date, namely NotifyBuddy Amoled Notification Light APK.

This application can also save smartphone battery usage, because now you no longer need to wait for messages and calls to come with your cellphone screen on.

Currently many think that amoled type smartphone users cannot change the appearance of the notification message light, even though the light can be changed according to your wishes by using the NotifyBuddy APK application.

However, this app has tons of ads and some features that you can’t use for free. You need to upgrade to the premium version to be able to use all of these features.

The price for having the premium version is very expensive, if you want to get this version for free without spending a penny, you can download NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK.

The premium version of the application has several superior features, one of which is that there are no advertisements when you use the application.

Well, if you are interested, you can download the NotifyBuddy Mod APK application for free at the link below that we have provided.

NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK Features

Basically, if you want the best features and experience you have to go with the premium version. Because you can use all the features the application has for free.

There are several excellent features if you use the premium version of the Mod APK compared to the original, here are the excellent features:

Premium features unlocked
You don’t need to worry about spending money to have the premium version, because by using the Mod APK version you can use all the paid features for free.

With this version you can save your money and that money you can use for other things that are more useful.

No advertisement
Currently, there are many free applications that display advertisements when we are busy using these applications, one of which is the WeTV APK.

The appearance of these advertisements does make the application maker get additional income, but as a user it is annoyed by the ad.

If you don’t want these ads, the alternative is you can download the Mod APK version, because that version can automatically block the ads that appear.

Can optimize battery
When this application is running, you can use it according to general application functions. It’s just that you also have access to the battery optimization feature so you can adjust app usage and save the battery usage you have.

Amoled notification
This application can provide you to see Amoled notifications which will be displayed with various cool icons in each application that you categorize. You can also choose which notifications you use on your smartphone.

Can customize amoled notifications
This feature is the real advantage of the NotifyBuddy application, you can change the appearance of the lamp design and writing according to your wishes.

Use this feature by changing the notification display to several moving LED colors to make it cooler and not bored to be seen. You can also show off with you guys hehehe.

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