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Want to know what it feels like to be an online motorcycle taxi driver? Hurry up and download and play the latest version of Ojol The Game Mod APK for free and feel the sensation of an online motorcycle taxi experience with excellent features such as unlimited money & gems.

This game was created because many people want to experience being an online motorcycle taxi driver on the road to find passengers and complete orders as quickly as possible to get some money.

Ojol The Game is one of the simulation games created by the developer CodeXplore that can be played on Android and iOS devices.

However, it is more exciting to play with the Mod APK version because it has an unlimited money feature where you can have unlimited money. If you are curious, just take a look at the reviews below!

What is Ojol The Game APK?

Ojol The Game is an online motorcycle taxi simulation game that invites players to learn to be an ojek driver in everyday life to find passengers and execute orders to get money.

In this game, your priority is to find as many passenger orders as possible food orders to become the best online motorcycle taxi driver.

You can upgrade your motorbike and cellphone to be more helpful so that you receive more orders. And to upgrade a motorbike or replace a better cellphone, you need to need the money you receive from work as an online motorcycle taxi.

While waiting for orders to come in, you can go around as you wish. However, if an order comes in, you must try to finish it and get a high rating from consumers.

To get a high ranking or star five, you have to complete orders quickly and not make consumers wait for your order long.

The developer makes this game look like real with full HD graphics, an easy control system, and features that will continue to be updated.

But many users complain about the difficulty of getting money in this game, you are required to play the game often so you can have a lot of money to unlock all items and upgrade them.

You don’t need to worry because there is an alternative, namely by playing Ojol The Game Mod APK. This game is a modification of the original so that there is a feature of unlimited money or unlimited money.

So you can have as much money as you want and buy all the items and equipment as an online motorcycle taxi driver. If you are interested, just download the link below.

Ojol The Game Mod APK Features

When playing Ojol The Game Mod APK, it has several advantages and disadvantages. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages because the ease of playing naturally reduces the challenges of the game which requires a lot of effort to become a good online motorcycle taxi driver and have a lot of money.

However, this Mod APK version has excellent features that you should know, here is the explanation:

Unlimited Money
In this game, you have to find as many passengers as possible, take orders, and complete them so that you can get money to pay for your work. With this money you can use it to upgrade motorbikes or cellphones that are used as online motorcycle taxi drivers.

But to get this money it takes a long time, another alternative is to use the Ojol The Game Mod APK version with unlimited money features.

Unlimited Coin
This coin item is very difficult to get, to get it you must first complete several missions after that the coins you can use to buy some equipment items.

Unlimited Energy
This game is made as closely as possible to real life where the characters you use as online motorcycle taxi drivers have energy.

If you play it a lot, the energy will quickly run out and you can’t do work as an online motorcycle taxi. Now you can get this energy by buying using coins.

Since the Mod APK version has the unlimited coin feature, of course you can have as much energy as you want. So you don’t need to be afraid that your character’s energy will run out.

All Bikes are Open
At the beginning of the game you can only use one type of motorbike that you can use, to have all types of motorbikes you have to buy them for a fairly expensive price. You don’t need to worry because the Mod APK version will open all types of motorbikes in the game.

Not only that, you can also have various types of motorcycle taxi helmets, jackets and types of cellphones that support your work performance as an online motorcycle taxi.

Unlimited Fuel
Vehicles definitely need something called gasoline or fuel that is useful for your motorcycle needs. If you don’t have fuel of course the vehicle you are using cannot run or be used.

To buy this fuel, you can use the money you have, because there is an unlimited money feature, you can have as much fuel as possible.


This is the explanation of Ojol The Game APK with various Mod feature information. Please download the game now and feel the thrill of being an online motorcycle taxi driver and discovering new experiences.

Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you, as additional information the Mod version will still be released and we will provide the latest link for you as soon as possible.

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