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VPN applications are famous for their ability to manipulate the internet, one of which is Psiphon Pro. It cannot be denied that this application is widely used by smartphone users, because it has been proven to increase the ease of using the internet.

When you want to access a site but there are obstacles that prevent you from accessing the site? If this happens, you will definitely feel annoyed.

We will all be disappointed if we want to open a site that is blocked by the government, this is usually the site that has an indication that it can steal data on your device or the site has infringing content.

An alternative to overcome this is you can download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application so that you can be free to open all website sites that are blocked by the government, one of which is the layarkaca21 site.

The Psiphon Pro application offers a VPN function that you can access for free, if you want to try this application, just download the link that we have provided.

What is Psiphon Pro?

The Psiphon application is an Android device that can manipulate a user’s internet IP. Generally this application is used as an application for free internet providers, changing the quota function, increasing speed, unblocking sites, and many others.

Because of this application, users can access websites that are blocked by the government by bypassing the installed firewall. You can also protect your information by hiding your IP address from hackers, search engines and advertisers.

Many countries block websites such as those that show films in cinemas because of copyright infringement. However, if you use this application, you don’t need to worry anymore because all blocked sites can be opened all.

Uniquely, this application is officially available on Playstore, so it is safe to use by Android users. Moreover, this application is also available for free for PC and iOS.

Psiphon Pro Application Features

Broadly speaking, there are several main features brought by the Psiphon application, here are the features it has

Select Server Region
The main feature that is used quite often is the select server region, as the name suggests, it functions to change the server according to the desired location. The goal is to be able to access applications or platforms that cannot be opened with the current server address.

In addition, by changing the server address, the identity and address of the user will not be known by outsiders. So that you can access the internet very freely.

Unlimited Internet
In addition, there is also an unlimited internet feature, usually this feature is only reserved for certain providers. The way to activate it yourself is always different every time, but if you follow the tutorial channel you will definitely get a way to get unlimited internet.

Not only unlimited internet, but there are also ways to change the internal quota. For example, the video quota is changed for chatting, the gaming quota is changed for the streaming quota, and so on.

Increase Internet Speed
Psiphon Pro has several built-in features, one of which is to increase internet speed. This feature can be activated directly on the front page of the application, so there is no need to make adjustments.

This application claims to be able to increase internet speed up to 2Mb / s, all you have to do is press the increase button. So automatically whatever your provider can have high internet.

Proxy Settings
Setting up proxies for several needs is often done, this of course can also be done in the application. Psiphon has provided a separate menu for customizing proxies, but care should be taken to do so with caution.

For those of you who don’t know at all, proxies are useful for making changes to an internet system. Starting from internet access, internet speed, IP address, and so on.

Unblock Sites
One of the most sought after features is to unblock sites, it turns out that this feature is already available in the pro version of the Psiphon application Mod APK. Even though it’s not perfect, there are already many blocks that can be opened with this one application.

But you also need to pay attention to use it wisely, because this feature still has some pretty big risks in the future.

No Registration
Most VPN apps and software require users to register by creating an account and entering credit card information, as they have to pay.

If you use Psiphon Pro APK, there is no need to create that account anymore. You are free to use All functions are available in this application without having to register or subscribe and you don’t need to pay or it’s free.

No ads
Each application has advertisements so that the application developer can have additional income. However, if you are using the premium or pro version, all of the ad slots will be locked so it is impossible for ads to appear.

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