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Do you want to change the appearance of WA to be similar to the iOS version? Download RA WhatsApp which has a function to change the appearance like an iPhone.

The iPhone smartphone does have many advantages over Android. The screen appearance on each application will certainly be different, for example the WhatsApp application.

Well, many Android users want to change the appearance of WA to be similar to the iOS version. Take it easy, this can be overcome by downloading the RA WhatsApp application.

If you are interested in trying this application, you must first refer to the reviews below so you don’t get confused when using this application.

What is RA WhatsApp?

RA WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application that has a very similar interface to the iOS or iPhone versions.

This application was made by a native developer from Indonesia. The name RA in this application is actually an abbreviation of the name that made it. namely Ridwan Arifin.

Even though it is made by the nation’s children, its quality is not inferior to other WhatsApp Mod applications.

The menu options contained in this application use Indonesian, so that users can more easily use the application.

If you want an Android smartphone user, you can try an application that can create an official WA display for the iPhone.

Because this application has a UI system that is very similar to iOS, the WhatsApp screen will look simpler and more elegant.

In addition, you can also customize the appearance of the WA application by changing the theme so you don’t get bored quickly.

Since this app is not an official app from the WhatsApp developer, you can’t find it on Google Playstore. But don’t worry, because we have provided a link to download the RA WhatsApp application.

Before you download this application, you should know the features of the RA WhatsApp application, such as its superior feature, which is being able to see WA messages that have been deleted.

Features owned by RA WhatsApp

In general, this application is sought after by people because it has some really cool features. The following features the RA WhatsApp application:

Changing Views
By using the RA WA application you can change the appearance exactly to the iOS version. If in general the WA display on Android is predominantly green, this application has a white appearance which makes it more elegant.

You can also change the theme in the library, don’t worry because there are hundreds of themes available in this application.

This application can also personalize the appearance of the font shape and size by changing the design in chat messages.

Not only that, you can change the size on the header tab to activate the WhatsApp Story display in your contacts, which will be similar to Instagram.

Privacy Features
If you don’t want to be disturbed by other people when using the WA application, of course this application can overcome this.

RA WhatsApp offers useful privacy features for hiding online status, typing, forward and last seen labels.

This is of course very useful if you don’t want to be bothered by your boyfriend while playing games.

Data Protection Security
Now there are many applications that can intercept WA messages, applications are equipped with very sophisticated features and are given security functions so that no one else can intercept the contents of WA messages.

With this application you don’t need to be afraid anymore if someone wants to tap the contents of the chat, because the system in the application will immediately block it.

App Lock feature
This feature has a function that allows you to lock applications with a password, PIN pattern or fingerprint. So that other people cannot open your WA application carelessly.

You can also deactivate WhatsApp access on a smartphone, this can make the icon on the WA application unclick and open by other people.

Can Send Files Without Limits
If in the original application you can only send an image file in one message, but in the RA WA application you can send an image file in 90 images in one delivery.

However, you can only be limited by sending 30 MB in one message, this will keep your account from getting banned and avoiding your smartphone from lagging.

Has Different Types of Delivery Files
Another feature is that you can send a file with a variety of formats provided.

Of course this can make your job easier because you can send documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RAR, ZIP.

Anti Banned
When using the WA Mod application, it often happens that the account has been banned because it violates the privacy policy on the official application.

Of course, don’t worry, the developer of this application always regularly updates the application to prevent account bans.

More than that, there is a sophisticated feature, namely an anti-banned feature, which makes the system unable to ban your account.

Now that’s a review of the features that the WhatsApp RA application has, if you want to try this application you can download it at the link below.

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