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Do you want to try to be a pilot and pilot an airplane? Currently, there is a simulation-based Android game to fly an airplane with a graphic design that is similar to realistic, namely Real Flight Simulator Mod APK.

By playing a game commonly called the RFS Mod APK, you will know the sensation of being a pilot who is in charge of driving an airplane and escorting passengers to their destinations safely.

To play this game you have to pay $ 0.99 on Google Playstore, of course, this price can be said to be quite expensive.

But take it easy, if you want to play this RFS game for free, we have provided a download link along with how to install it on all types of smartphones. Just go ahead without further ado, let’s see the reviews below!

What is Real Flight Simulator APK?

Real Flight Simulator APK, commonly referred to as RFS, is a simulator game for piloting an airplane developed by Rortos with 3D graphics that make it look very realistic.

When playing this game you can choose one type of aircraft that you will control and choose the route of the road to go to. Not only that, there are many choices of aircraft and airport access.

In detail, the game developer makes the gameplay very similar to real life by paying attention to the appearance of the plane, the view above the clouds and others.

From this RFS game you can train to become a pilot and know techniques in piloting an airplane, such as reading satellite maps, control systems, knowing how to runways, and knowing traffic in the air.

Enjoy the fun of piloting an airplane and flying around the world, then explore landscapes and airports with 3D buildings and manage flight plans to interact with ATC officers.

Experience sitting down to control the plane, chat with the co-pilot, and team up with fellow players in multiplayer mode.

However, to play the Real Flight Simulator game you are required to pay first if you download it via Google Playstore. This has left many users a dilemma.

But you don’t need to be sad, because you can still play the RFS game for free by downloading the Real Flight Simulator Mod APK version.

This game is a modified version of a third party where the appearance provided is also very similar to the original.

What are you waiting for, download the game right now, only here for free and get access to various kinds of exterior designs specifically for modification of airplane models by becoming a real pilot.

Gameplay in Real Flight Simulator Mod APK

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK is an airplane simulation game with a special focus on highly realistic 3D graphics and offers a wide variety of planes and access to multiple airports.

Because it supports the screen display with a three-dimensional model of the airplane environment, it makes the flight mode in detail and is the best game to try.

So besides managing the aircraft flight system, you also need to understand the route of the journey by paying attention to all the details.

Knowing the Experience of Being a Pilot

Real Flight Simulator Mod APK is perfect for those of you who want to become a pilot. This game has not only very good graphics but the flight data and also the weather data provided are similar to the real thing.

Therefore, this game always creates a real flight sensation for the players. Players can preview the route, also can change the route by changing the place of departure and departure in the edit menu section.

Apart from that, players of this game can also choose the type of aircraft, the number of passengers, the payload and the fuel level. You can also choose between real or ordinary weather conditions to make your flights more interesting and authentic from over 35 of the largest airports in the world.

There are various weather conditions

In this game you will also see simulators with different flight conditions and weather to always create a good feeling for the players and make them feel like they are involved in the game activities.

You can control your airplane to fly around the world and also discover the scenery with incredible high resolution.

This game simulates the entire flight journey for the player who takes the role of a real pilot with a modern control system.

The influence of climate and terrain in these countries is also shown realistically and clearly. It is also possible to put the aircraft in autopilot mode to enjoy views of the sky and its surroundings.


Thus our explanation of the game RFS Real Flight Simulator Mod APK, now you can feel the sensation of being a pilot to fly an airplane with very realistic graphics.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you, if there is input for us, please fill in the comments column below, thank you.

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