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Do you want to get weapon, parachute and character skins in the FF game for free? Download the latest version of the Free Fire anti-banned Skin Tool for Android.

At this time the game FF or Free Fire is becoming a very popular game. Because along with the popularity of this game, many players want to make their character appearance more attractive. Like changing costumes, weapon skins and parachute skins.

However, all of these can only be purchased with diamonds which you can buy with money and the price to buy diamonds is quite expensive.

Many Free Fire game players are confused and are looking for ways to get these diamonds for free. Well, don’t worry, you can fix this by using the Skin Pro Tool.

Confused by the application? Come on, see the reviews below so that you understand better about this APK Skin Tool application.

What is the Tool Skin FF?

Tool Skin is an application developed by a third party for users who play games like Free Fire to get character skins, weapons, bags and parachutes for free.

This of course makes FF players look for a lot of Tool Skin applications so that their character appearance becomes attractive.

With an attractive appearance, of course you can be more manly if you play with your friends. Because if you want to get these items the right way you need diamonds to buy them.

Meanwhile, the diamond price given by Garena is very expensive to buy.

This application is also always updated with the latest, to avoid bugs that often occur. Because this application is very helpful, the developer made many versions, namely the Pro version and the Scar Titan.

Confused what the difference is? Check out the reviews below to find out the various types of Tool Skin on Free Fire.

Tool Skin Pro
Many ask what is the difference between the Skin Pro Tool and the usual one, actually this application is the same, nothing is different.

In general, the developer of the application has not provided a Pro version, because the original version is good enough for its users to use.

It’s just that maybe in the future the developer will provide a Pro version, if Garena provides the latest update.

Therefore actually this is just a nickname in various versions and its usage is the same, nothing is different.

Scar Titan Tool Skin
Scar Titan is one of the best weapons in the FF game. When this weapon was officially released by Garena, many players were scrambling to get this weapon skin.

However, the price given to get this skin is quite unreasonable because it is very expensive.

Besides having a very cool and visual appearance, this Titan skin scan also has several advantages, for example, very large damage and pain, it can increase the rate of fire on weapons, and so on.

So that many players are looking for ways to get it for free and safely. If you use the Skin Tool, of course you can take this Scar Titan skin on your account.

And before downloading the application, you must know the features available in this application, below is the explanation.

Features of the FF Tool Skin

Apparently there are many other features contained in this application, even if you only get diamonds, you can make your own character clothes skin.

Want or what features does this application have? Here is the explanation.

Can Make Skin
This feature is an excellent feature, because by using this feature you can make skins according to your wishes.

Skins that can be made are not only characters but you can make parachute skins, weapons and backgrounds.

Get Nickname
Nickname is a name that you must fill in so that your Free Fire account has a name on the profile screen.

Of course, a cool name can make your FF look more attractive.

But if you are confused and there is no reference to what nickname is good for your account, don’t worry because in this application you can open the “Get Nickname” feature to get a cool and unique name.

Giveaway Diamond
If you hear the word giveaway, you will definitely remember about giving away fortune, hehehe.

It is true, many content creators often give giveaways to their viewers as a token of gratitude for supporting their content.

Well, the Skin Free Fire Tool application also often gives diamond giveaway to application users. This is a thank you from the developer to the application users.

Got Emote
Emotes in the Free Fire APK game are many and varied, and to get these emotes, of course they are not free, you need to buy them first.

But if you use this application, of course you can get all emotes for free such as emote applause, salto, arm wave and dab.

Those are the various features available in the application, if you already understand the features now, just download the application below.

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