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If you are a game lover with the life simulation genre, you can download the TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK game which is very exciting to play because this game is very similar to real life.

Previously we discussed the car racing game FR Legends Mod APK, where this game is a racing genre and can compete with adrenaline when playing it.

But if you want to play a game with the animated genre of life, you can try a game made by Codigames, namely TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK.

Actually there are many life simulation games out there, but this game is made different from the others because you will get a real and extraordinary experience.

What is TV Empire Tycoon?

TV Empire Tycoon Game -is a life simulation Idle management game published by Codigames. Games with the simulation genre allow players to play different roles such as becoming successful entrepreneurs or broadcasting TV service broadcasters.

If you are interested in life simulation genre games, the TV Empire Tycoon game is the right choice. Because this game can make a player to become a successful manager.

This game has a mission to build and develop a television company and become the most talented manager in managing the company.

With simple and addictive gameplay, this game displays 3D graphics, which makes it look real.

But in the original version, getting money is very difficult because you have to complete each mission first and you just get money.

If you want to find easy money in the game, there is an easy way to use the TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK version.

This version of course has been modified so that users get additional features, namely unlimited money. Not only the unlimited money feature, there are many other features when playing the Mod APK version.

Check out the reviews below to find out what other features are available in the game.

TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK features

Indeed, to get a natural and real game atmosphere you can play the original version.

However, there are some users who are frustrated because it is very difficult to get money in this game.

This Mod APK version has several advantages besides the unlimited money feature, for more details, see the review below.

Unlimited Money
The TV Empire Tycoon APK game definitely requires money or coins, because this money can be used to buy some of the equipment needed.

However, it is quite difficult to get it. An alternative to getting easy money is using the MOd version, because in this mode you will get an unlimited money feature that can be used without limits.

Best Graphics
This game uses 2D graphics to make the game look casual and real. With attractive and lifelike graphics, this game is perfect for all ages and smartphone users.

This game is very easy to access and play because it only requires basic configuration. Therefore, don’t be afraid if your smartphone has potato specs.

Managing Your Staff
If you want a company to work effectively, you must know the organizational structure of the company so you can manage the employees in your company effectively.

You can monitor every employee activity, review employee performance and effectiveness.

If you think the employee is ineffective and lazy, you can fire the employee and find a new employee.

To develop a company, you can employ several employees who have their respective fields such as cameramen, producers and publishers.

Each field has its own duties in the company and must support each other. Work efficiently and bring the company’s success to the world of television.

Create a Special Occasion
If you already have your own employees and cameramen you can of course create your own special events. Like making a TV show by inviting famous artists.

You have to arrange the event precisely and strategically so that the event becomes popular.

Finding the Best TV Host
If you want your company’s television station to become more popular and well-known, you can hire someone who is already a professional in the field of delivering television shows.

With employees who are experts in their fields, this can increase the popularity of your business and get products of high quality.

Opening a New Studio
To expand your company, you have to open a new studio in order to grow. Do increase the area on a large scale to make it more modern.

One way to develop a company is to find investors to invest in your TV company.

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