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Watching Korean dramas and Indonesian films is now very easy, just download the Viu Premium Mod APK application which can be used to stream movies with the best video quality for free.

Recently, since the pandemic hit the world, more and more people have been carrying out activities at home to maintain health so as not to contract the Corona virus.

But this makes people feel bored and don’t know what to do at home. Therefore, to fill the void of activity you can do by watching movies streaming on the Viu Premium application with various categories of action, comedy, romantic and horror.

The Viu application itself offers a premium version, to be able to have it you must first pay to subscribe, that’s why we provide a modified version, namely Mod APK so you can have Viu premium features for free

If you are interested and want to download the application, please download it from the link below which we have prepared for you.

Review Viu Premium Mod APK

The Viu application is a mobile entertainment application that provides video streaming services for films in various genres, such as Korean dramas, variety shows, comedy, and romance.

VIU APK was created in 2015 in the country in Hong Kong, but this application was not widely used at that time. However, since the developer provides films in the Drakor category, this application has become very popular among teenagers and adults.

To get this application you can download it on Google Playstore, it’s just that some of the films are limited. If you want to watch all these films you have to subscribe to the premium version by paying for each month or year with money.

This is what makes some people finally decide to download the Viu Premium Mod APK version, because with this version you can enjoy all the video content in the application with the same access and services as other subscription members.

Not only that, if you use the premium version, of course, no advertisements will appear while watching a movie. The video graphics provided also offer HD quality so that the video becomes very clear, similar to watching in a cinema.

If you are interested, you can download it here for free and of course the application that we provide is very functional and you can use it anywhere.

Viu Mod APK features

There are several advantages to using the Viu Mod APK application which is part of the functionality that you can get by installing the application. You can find some information below.

Premium unlocked
This modified version of the application offers premium services for free without the need to pay to watch all the entertainment content in the Viu APK application.

Apart from being free, there is no time period to be able to enjoy premium features so you can use it forever and anytime, all you need is a stable internet package.

No Ads
If you pay attention to several platforms that provide video-like entertainment content, sometimes ads will be loaded between the videos that are played. This also happens to you if you use the original Viu application that you downloaded via Playstore until you finally have to subscribe first.

Therefore, some people who don’t have a choice finally choose the Viu Premium Mod APK application to enjoy all premium movie videos in this application for free.

Has Many Types of Films
This application is more entertaining and is used by many people to watch their favorite Korean dramas. You can choose from various types of the best film genres such as action, comedy, romance, card and others.

HD Video Quality
Depending on the user’s taste and convenience, you can enjoy all types of movies from the lowest quality to the highest quality.

If you are more comfortable with standard quality because it is a little more efficient in internet quota usage, and if you want something better you can set the video resolution to a maximum quality of 1080p.

Mobile Interface
The Viu application itself has been around for 5 years and has made several updates to help the comfort and safety of its users when watching videos.

In this way, it can be said that the display aspect of the application is very good even for some users who are just trying this application.

There are Indonesian subtitles
Apart from all that, audio quality is very important in an application that provides video streaming services for movies, but because many films are in English, some users may need a readable translation so they can understand the storyline of the film they are watching.

The Viu Premium Mod APK application also offers a subtitle feature in Indonesian, so it is very helpful for film viewers who do not really understand English.

Connect to Smart TV
If you use premium features, you can watch movies in the Viu application with various other devices such as smart TVs or laptops.

You only need to enter the VIU code and connect via your mobile hotspot signal or Wifi so you can enjoy watching movies on a bigger screen.

Download Videos
Bad or unstable internet connection problems often occur due to signal interference on internet packages, this application makes a feature that can download videos so you can watch your favorite movies offline.

If you are in a place that has a high-speed internet signal or a place that provides free internet services, download as many of your favorite movies as possible so you can watch them offline anywhere even without an internet signal.

Not only that, you don’t need to enter the application to enjoy all the entertainment in Viu APK, because it will automatically enter your account with premium access.

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