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Using modified applications is often done for several needs, for example, communication needs such as WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Aero application is the most preferred application, considering that it has many advantages in terms of features.

If the WhatsApp Transparent application has the advantage that the background will be the same as the smartphone screen, it will be different from the WA Aero application.

This application has advantages in theme design, privacy security, and conversation screen. Therefore the application can be used as one of the best WA Mod applications.

If you want to understand more about this application, just take a look at the reviews below because we will explain what WhatsApp Aero is and what features it has.

WhatsApp Aero APK (Lite)

For those of you who don’t know what the WhatsApp Aero application is, this application itself is a modified version of the WhatsApp application. Of course, its features and uses are much more practical and flexible, whether used as a substitute for the default WhatsApp application or as a second account.

The reason many people use this application is to increase flexibility, such as using a second account, hiding messages, locking conversations, and so on.

Aero WhatsApp was developed by developer Hazar Bozkurt, who is an expert in Software Expert Mobile Apps Development and UX / UI Design.

The screen display menu of this application is very user interface or very modern and elegant interface. More than that, the developer is always updating security and features to fix bugs in the system.

WhatsApp Aero Application Features

There are many features brought by WhatsApp Aero, which these features will not be found on the official WhatsApp application. The following are some of the features it brings:

Hidden Notifications

Hiding various notifications is the main feature of this application, for example, hiding incoming messages, disabling message view, hiding online status, silent history, and many others.

Although this feature is often found in other Mod applications, Aero WhatsApp is rated as the best. This is because it can be used simply and easily, it never even experiences errors like other applications.

Logs File Gallery

Furthermore, there is also a feature called Gallery File Logs, this feature is used to block files that enter the gallery. So that files such as photos, videos, or documents cannot be seen in your gallery.

But the file can only be seen through the WhatsApp Aero application. The existence of this one feature will make privacy safer, because files sent or received cannot easily be seen through the cellphone gallery.

Inbuilt Locker

Another feature that is no less useful is the Inbuilt Locker, as the name suggests, this feature is useful for locking various privacy. Starting from locking the WhatsApp application, securing conversations, or locking files that are considered very important.

With the Inbuilt Locker feature, WhatsApp Aero has high security. It is suitable for those of you who have an important WhatsApp account, both for work or business carried out via WhatsApp.

Reject Delete

There are times when people don’t send messages or history, so that curiosity will continue to haunt you. But by using this one application, you will not experience that again.

Aero WhatsApp has been equipped with the Reject Delete feature, it is able to block deletions or withdrawals made by your contacts. You can activate this feature in the settings menu and it will automatically be active every time.


Customization is a feature that is quite sought after by WhatsApp users, where this feature allows you to customize everything. Starting from the display, menu bar, layout, tagging chats, and many others.

Custom use will make it easier for users of this application, both in terms of effectiveness or efficiency. This is because everything has been made according to the needs and habits of its users.

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