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The WhatsApp application is one of the most popular short message service applications in the world. Over time, there have been third parties who modified the WA application to become YoWhatsApp (YoWa).

This application was developed by Yousef Al-Basha. Even though development of the application was stopped, the YoWa application can still be used thanks to Fouad Mokdad who continues its development.

YoWa APK has become very popular because it has cool features that can modify the appearance of your WhatsApp to be more attractive.

Want to know more clearly about this application? Come on, see the reviews below about the YoWhatsApp APK application and its features and whether it is safe to use.

What is the YoWhatsApp Application?

YoWhatsApp APK is a modified version of the WhatsApp application commonly called YoWa.

As we know, WA is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. However, many users have complained about the limited functionality of the app.

Therefore, there are third party developers who make this application to modify and add various cool features for users.

Various cool features of the YOWhatsApp application will guarantee that its users will get a more colorful and less boring chatting experience.

However, if you want to use this application, you should know the features it has. The following is an explanation of what features are found in the YoWa application.

YoWhatsApp features

The features of this application are of course superior to the original version, because the developer is always regularly updating if there is a bug in the application.

The following are excellent features of YoWhatsAp.

Appearance personalization
This display personalization feature is a function that can change the appearance of the WA application to make it more colorful.

To personalize the display, you can make changes to the application icon, replace the blue check mark and change the font shape with a color.

Can Change Themes
If you use this application, you can change the theme in the WA application.

Lots of theme choices are given, you can change by choosing one of the theme options that you think is cool.

By changing this theme, the appearance of the WhatsApp application will not be boring and instead makes you addicted to trying various themes available in the application.

The theme given is of course free for you to use without the need to pay a penny.

Many Emoji Choices
In chatting with someone, in order to bring a more colorful atmosphere, you need to use emoji stickers.

Well, in the application there are many thousands of choices of emojis from various categories that you can use such as Doraemon and anime emojis.

Open the settings then select a sticker, download the sticker you want and save it as a favorite so you can use it.

Dual WhatsApp Accounts
This is an excellent feature found in the YoWhatsApp application, where you can create two accounts simultaneously on one smartphone.

If you use this application you can create dual accounts with one cellphone that you use, so you don’t need to buy another cellphone if you want to have two WA accounts.

Anti Delete Message and Status
The original application that gives 1 × 24 time to be able to display Wa status, this is very different if you use the YoWa version.

With this application you can see the status / story and messages that have been deleted on WA by friends you contact.

Unlimited File Transfer
The WA application is popular because one of its functions is that it can send files such as documents, photos, videos and voice messages.

However, to be able to send the file in the original version you only have a limited size.

Use the YoWa application if you want to send unlimited data files, because you can send files more than 1 GB in capacity.

Account Security
There is a lock feature that the YoWhatsApp application has, with this feature you can secure your WA account that you don’t want to be hijacked by someone bad.

In addition, in securing this account, there is a function to deactivate Last Seen, this feature has a function that can turn off the last message online in WA.

If you don’t want someone who knows you are online, you can disable it in the settings so that online posts don’t appear.

Now that you know all the features of the YoWhatsApp application, if you want to download the application, here is the download link that we provide.

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