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Playing 3D games is the dream of gamers, because when playing the game we can feel like we are in the game, one of the newest 3D games today is Zepeto Mod Apk.

With this game you can create a character that is similar to your real face in 3D in just a few seconds.

It’s different from GTA SA Lite because we can only customize clothes and hair, but in this Zepeto game you can customize all body parts of your character, cool isn’t this game.

Developer Zepeto also just released the latest version of this game by adding some new features to this game.

So that it adds an interesting and exciting impression in playing the Zepeto Mod Apk Latest Version game, but this feature is not free.

Because many are looking for this game with a modified version, we have provided the Zepeto Mod Apk application download link below.

Zepeto Apk Review

Game Zepeto Mod Unlimited Money is one of the games developed by a developer called Snow Corporation.

This game is also very popular among gamers due to the uniqueness of the game and also the many available features that make users not bored to play it.

However, this game has been modified by a third party, aka not an official party. So, all the features in it can be used for free.

In this game you will be instructed to take a picture of your face, then in a few seconds you will get a 3D character animation according to the results of the photo.

If you are not satisfied, you can edit the character again. In addition to making characters, you can create various kinds of funny characters or emojis directly from your face photos.

Zepeto Mod Apk Features

There are cool features that have been presented, not inferior to the best Android War games that you usually play, friends.

The following are some of the complete features of the Zepeto Mod Apk Unlimited Coins Full application. Listen to the end, yes, friend!

Unlimited Money

This first feature is an advantage of the Zepeto MOD version compared to the original version where our money will not run out.

With an unlimited number of coins makes you free to buy dresses and everything in this app store. So you will be guaranteed to be more satisfied in customizing the appearance of your 3D character.

Creating 3D Characters

In addition to unlimited money, the main feature of the Zepeto Mod Apk Unlimited Coins game is that it has a 3D model so that your character is much more interesting and more alive.

This feature has become an advantage of this application because not many games have this feature, especially since the characters are already 3D, which is rare.

In addition, applications that use 3D characters are generally much preferred by many users, compared to 2D.

AR Camera

Apart from that, if you wear hijab, you can also create characters using the AR Camera from this application, sophisticated isn’t it.

AR Camera can also function as a filter on Instagram social media, namely by forming a combined realism between characters or filters similar to those in the real world.

This AR Camera game is considered the most interactive, that is, it can follow the user’s expressions well.

Creating Characters With Selfies

The way to make a 3D character is that you simply take a selfie from your cellphone camera. Then this application will automatically regenerate the selfie photo into a 3D character that is very similar to your face.

Unlike other games, the characters have been designed from the start to customize them to our liking.

While the Latest Zepeto MOD game, you can create characters similar to yourself, plus you can customize them too, friend.

Can Customize Character

If you have created your own character, then you can also dress your character with various accessories. Starting from clothes, pants, hair, glasses, and so on. Make your character as beautiful as possible.

Cool, it’s not a feature, then if you can’t wait to download the Zepetto Mod Apk Full Version application then you can click the download button below.

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